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This is a flyer and an example from 1/3/16 of an art exhibit of our family (the Sisco Family) displaying our original artwork at the Bronxville Women’s Club. Check out the art and see all the talented and creative people in our family. 

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Sisco Family Art - Flyer


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Red Line

Trans-formation steel ribbon sculpture (smaller)

More Photos of “Trans-Formation” – A Steel Ribbon Sculpture


Fran Sisco’s innovative design for a 40-foot tall LGBT Memorial to be built adjacent the Hudson River in Greenwich Village, NY, at about 12 Street. The sculpture is made of 6 steel “ribbons” that are one foot wide and 1/2 inch thick. David Kindrick did the below 3-D rendering of Fran Sisco’s sketch and drawings. For more info, please contact Fran via phone at: 914.589.1013

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“Ribbons in the Sky” Sketch for NYS LGBT Memorial by Fran Sisco
Copyright 2016 Fran Sisco 
All Rights Reserved
Date Added to Website: 11/12/16



This website is under construction because the creativity never ends.

For more information you can contact Fran Sisco at: 914.589.1013 and email at:  Also you can contact Kelly Sisco at: 914.589.6196 and email at:

More Coming Soon…